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    語言選擇: 中文版line? 英文版

    Innovative Capacity

    Xinjinli Enterprise's boat breaks the waves all the way! We are now in the market with a brand new corporate look! Looking forward to the Ming Dynasty, let us go hand in hand. We sing and dance, tasting happiness and laughter. Perseverance, dreams, pursuit, solidarity, we share the heart of incense, lead the peak! Dreams never stop. Innovation is fundamental to the survival and development of an enterprise.
    As we continue to move towards Industry 4.0, we are faced with new opportunities and new challenges. We will continue to devote ourselves to research and innovation, improve our technological strength, and make Xinjinli machinery always stand at the forefront of the times. Together with global customers to create a better future.
    We provide customers with comprehensive solutions, from silicon equipment selection demonstration, mold supporting development, cold runner technical guidance, silicone material selection, primer recommendation, color matching and other molding process improvements. We are the first in the PC + LSR project to break through the limitations of compression molding and successfully complete industry process changes for customers such as Apple, Huawei and other mobile phone accessories manufacturers. We are molding in the micro-molding 3C waterproofing product process with silicone + primer coating, the entire LSR molding process bonding method process, and the mold coating process successfully broke through, helping the 5G era come early.
    余 Through more than 15 years of technology accumulation, New Power is standing on the world's international development perspective, focusing on the two major industries of plastic machinery and rubber-silicone machinery, being brave in innovation, and entering a new era of intelligent manufacturing together with customers.
    The new strength is looking forward to the technology and industrial structure of the 5G era
    It is another 10 years since the last communication technology reform and replacement. Seeing that the popular 5G era is coming, all major operators, equipment manufacturers and chip manufacturers around the world are going all out to promote the smooth progress of 5G R & D. Close at hand, a huge 5G feast is about to start.
    上 In the development of oil pressure equipment industry, Xinjinli took the lead in launching 5G technology research and development experiments, and accelerated the deployment of 5G equipment R & D and industrialization. At present, Xinjinli's hydraulic equipment, supporting solutions, and intelligent manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront and scale of the industry.
    Adhering to independent innovation and open cooperation has always been the philosophy of New Power Development. In the process of promoting 5G hydraulic equipment, Xinjinli always cooperates with the outside world with an open attitude. We set up a research and development base to promote the manufacture of hydraulic equipment, including disc two-color machine series, liquid double-slider series, disc single-color injection molding machine series, single-slide liquid series, disc injection series, vertical and horizontal rubber (silicone) rubber Various types of equipment such as injection series are propelling models. We cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out technical research, technical tests and product test verification, jointly test specifications, and actively participate in testing. In the mobile phone 5G industry service end, several major new liquid machine series are designated by Apple suppliers.
    Xinjin IMD high-pressure machine equipment has made outstanding contributions to the successful trial production and mass production of innovative back cover composite materials technology. At the same time, we have also cooperated and promoted with Samsung, BBK, OPPO, Xiaomi, ZTE and other related companies, and played an important role in accelerating the development and maturity of China's 5G industry chain. New efforts to accelerate innovation and make due contributions to the global 5G development industry development. We work together with various enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, seek 5G development and innovation, and share China's 5G development results. The arrival of the 5G era will also drive the automotive industry, shipping industry, 3C electronics industry, medical industry, VR / AR, and smart home. In order to keep up with the good opportunities of development in the new era, in recent years, New Energy has increased investment and productivity in two series of solid and liquid models. Among them, the market share of rubber silicon solid-state flat vacuum machines in the Chinese market has exceeded 40%. Liquid silicone machine series, disc injection series, horizontal rubber (silicone) rubber injection series, vertical rubber (silicon) rubber injection machine series have achieved growth rates of 61.7%, 55.9%, 33.3%, 18.9 in the past three years, respectively. %; Xinjinli is not only the first echelon in terms of equipment technical performance, but also the price, R & D progress, and response speed are better than domestic manufacturers. In the future, Xinjinli will be an important participant and promoter in the 5G era.
    Oil-electric composite high-speed compression intelligent injection molding machine
    New efforts to break through key technologies and production difficulties, break the Japanese technology monopoly, and independently developed the advent of the P180XH-CM-EP injection molding machine, which filled the gap of China's self-developed and manufactured hybrid high-speed compression intelligent injection molding machine.
    The arrival of the 5G era, because of the massive MIMO technology used in 5G, a large number of antennas need to be added to mobile phones, and metal will cause shielding and interference to the signal. Therefore, the metallization of the back cover of mobile phones will be the general trend, and the metal back shell will gradually disappear , Injection molded transparent PC back cover, as a lower cost and efficient product form, has better impact strength and durability. At present, the compression injection molding equipment used by major mobile phone accessories manufacturers has a small total inventory in the industry, and basically all are imported equipment. Japanese injection molding machines occupy the absolute mainstream, and their prices are high and delivery times are very long. Already after 8 months), it has severely restricted the R & D and production progress of mobile phone accessories manufacturers, and it is urgent to develop high-performance compression injection molding machines.
    In order to break through the above domestic blanks, the Xinjinli project team successfully solved the above problems and uniquely designed a high-speed compression injection horizontal injection molding machine to meet the injection molding process requirements of transparent PC back cover injection molding. This high-speed compression injection horizontal injection molding machine adopts ACC servo full-closed loop design. The hydraulic oil is charged into the accumulator through the oil pump. When the set pressure value is reached, the filling is stopped by the directional valve switching. When the machine needs to perform the compression action, the controller opens the compression servo valve, and instantly fills the high-pressure hydraulic oil into the clamping cylinder to realize the high-speed compression function of the machine. Opening and closing mold motion detection uses micron-level displacement sensors to achieve precise stop of the opening and closing positions. The successful research and development of this high-speed compression injection horizontal injection molding machine can also be considered as filling the gap in the domestic injection molding machine field. For products such as mobile phone back covers that require high-speed precision injection molding, there is another highly competitive solution.
    Energy-saving vertical two-color dual-material forming machine
    We overcome the world's problems to achieve mobile phone Cato injection + silicone one-machine molding technology. For the original customer to realize the manufacturing of mobile phone Cato, one injection molding machine is required to complete the plastic molding, and then one liquid silicone machine is used for molding. This is not only inefficient, but the yield is even more uncontrollable. In order to solve customer's problems, we newly developed 170XV-R2-2C fully self-injection disc machine, one device can complete the customer's original two equipment tasks. By solving the above problems, customers will achieve cost savings, intelligent control, and in the intelligent field, create more comfortable and pleasant intelligent manufacturing processes and more convenient and efficient services.
    New vertical injection molding machine
    Connector, which is CONNECTOR. From the perspective of market trends, connectors will become the next growth point in emerging markets. Taking the new energy vehicle connector as an example, with the accelerated popularization of new energy vehicles in the future, the new energy connector industry will maintain rapid development. Take military connectors as an example. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the country will continue to increase support for the aerospace industry. Mars exploration, space station construction, and moon landing plans are expected to be launched for the second time. Investment is expected to reach a compound growth of 20%, which will promote the rapid expansion of the military connector market. It is expected that the total size of the domestic military connector market during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan.
    From the perspective of technology trends, connector technology will develop toward high-density miniaturization, environmental resistance, signal integrity, and intelligent connectivity. The smart connector is a future embedded smart product that can transfer some functions of the on-board devices to external cables for implementation. The smart connector of the future can be programmable like a chip, and gradually add functions such as information communication, operation protection, standard conversion, sensing and detection. Intelligent connection has a wide range of application prospects in many fields. New efforts have been made to increase the investment in research and development of intelligent connection products and successfully develop new high-precision injection molding new models to meet the precise needs of new CONNECTOR products. Xinjinli's new P55XV vertical injection molding machine is a special precision model specifically for the connector market. This machine uses vertical mold clamping and vertical injection, which can be equipped with one upper mold and one lower mold. The model has a compact structure and takes up less space. It is very suitable for injection molding of inserts, and is easy to match with automation and robotics, to achieve fully automatic injection molding, precise control of injection pressure and speed, precise control of mold temperature, molding cycle, product weight, and then obtain high-precision products.
    Innovative technology of servo energy-saving vacuum machine and advanced first-out injection machine
    Rubber and Plastic are ushered in a new change in energy saving. The new energy-saving design is developed in line with the changes of this era. The innovative product design symbolizes the determination of the backbone, and also reflects the enthusiasm and the pursuit of excellence. The site will enrich the interactive experience. Interactive experience, the audience can experience the "energy-saving integrated machine" and "watch the operation process" in person at the scene, and vividly understand the world outlook facing the future society.

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